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Welcome to the new Division Zero Demoscene Krew web site here you can get some informations about our work and the demoscene. Some tutorial and tips will be soon online to help you to produce your own productions for the compétition. Are you ready for the show ?
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-= Div0 Works with Kikiprods ! =-
Send by : WoD K [ 02/12/04 ]

Yeah we are proud to announce to you that the Division Zero Team will work with the famous and old demoscene group Kikiprods. The firsts demos of the Kikiprods crew are came from the Amiga Scene and can be easely found on the aminet network. We will do our best to produce best demos.

What will we do with Kikiprods ? First WoDK has worked on GFX with Tawny to elaborate a new demos called Traverse. This demo will be introduce into the compétition at the Crau Party 04 near Marseille. Here you can see some screenshots of the demos.

We hope we will win the demo competition with TNS2 but Traverse is a really good production too.

Then after this first featuring which was very learnfull our coder H0bby1 and the main coder of the Kikiprods called Piark ( Aka : ZePiark ) will work together to boost their respective knowledge as we will do for the 3D Low Polys technics Tawny and me.

The Next demo of Division Zero will also probably use the new Demomaking Tool create by Kikiprods called "Marmotte3D" . This tool is really powerfull and we really wants to try it.

At last a making' of the demo was written in french by Tawny and can found : There

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