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The Division Zero Members Krew is one of the most cool and productive one ! You can join us if you have any of the skills needed.
-= The Official Members list =-

Here are the warriors :

Members are classified in alphabetical order. come with us ?

Nickname : b L a
Weapons : Soundtrack - Code Script - 3D - Tag
Status : Active
Ruled by : AMIGA
Comments : bLa is not from earth we don't really know where he come from. Surely not from our galaxy.

Nickname : D J S T O R M X
Weapons : Soundtrack - Code - Slave
Status : Active
Ruled by : AMIGA
Comments : One of the more extremist AMIGA user we know here in France. he has killed many many PC on parties.

Nickname : G A R Z U L
Weapons : Code - gfx
Status : Active
Ruled by : PC - ATARI
Comments : The youngest member of the group should be persecuted and bizuted cause he's got an ATARI. We will try to let him alive.
Nickname : G U E X
Weapons : gfx 2D 3D
Status : Active
Ruled by : WACOM
Comments : Sketches for ever !
serial heart breaker but looking for muse every time

Nickname : H 0 b b y 1
Weapons : Main Coder - 3D modeling
Status : Active
Ruled by : PC 386 - MAC
Comments : We try to save him by showing him how powerfull are the AMIGA RULEZ, in way to be heal and safe.

Nickname : K O R O N I S
Weapons : Sountrack - Sound FX - Vidéo - web
Status : Active
Ruled by : ATARI - PC
Comments : Sountracker since years, Koronis used to work in nights club and produce his own music for that. Great vibes you should love.

Nickname : P u l p
Weapons : Karaté Script - Singer
Status : Active
Ruled by : AMIGA
Comments : This Slach attender, likes to waste his time watching demos during months, then he enters in a special mood which enables him to make an attempt at creating a demo of his own... unfortunately this phase is very short.

Nickname : S i l k e n
Weapons : 3D modeling & rendering - Code
Status : Active
Ruled by : PC 586
Comments : Not AMIGA RULED yet, Lightwave user, the 3D seem to be to easy for him. Polys killer, one shot = one kill.

Nickname : W o D  K
Weapons : 3D - BlitzCode - Web - Gaming
Status : Active
Ruled by : AMIGA
Comments : When you don't know where you are going, YOU MUST GO !!... And as fast as possible.

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