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Welcome to the new Division Zero Demoscene Krew web site here you can get some informations about our work and the demoscene. Some tutorial and tips will be soon online to help you to produce your own productions for the compétition. Are you ready for the show ?
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-= Div0 Ready For The Crau Party 04 =-
Send by : WoD K [ 02/12/04 ]

Yeah we are are ALL ready for the Crau Party 04 ! The Crau Party is a little demoparty organised in the south of the France. The official Web site is here :

At this party we will presents Try Next Stage 2 our last demo. In this demo we use new technics of real time renderings including Hi-Quality sequences ! but watch out our preview snapshots :

We will also presents a new Raytrace GFX but no snapshots available before the end of the compétition. Stay tuned.

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